Action Bandage is a cost-effective and revolutionary way to treat your patients. It is the first bandage system that is
re-usable, non-absorbent and easy to apply. 

Action Bandage is fully articulating, fully contouring, medical equipment that holds dressings, sub-bandages and medical devices in place without the use of sticky tapes, messy adhesives, or clumsy fasteners, eliminating the additional trauma caused by tapes and adhesives.

It is a Patent Pending final bandage system that provides protection for wounds, with a very soft and cooling effect with excellent air flow. It can also be used to protect extremities that are sensitive to pressure or touch by acting as a padded barrier between the body and hard objects. The Action Bandage is designed to fit a number of different body parts.

• No Skin Tears • No Trauma • No Waste •
• No Tapes • No Fasteners •
• No Discomfort • No Bruising • No Chafing •
• No Seams • No Latex •

Watch A video Demonstration of the Action Bandage
CALL AND ORDER TODAY! - 888-900-5988
CALL AND ORDER TODAY! - 888-900-5988

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